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Media inconsistences slow down business processes and increase the costs leading to loss of market shares. 

In the last century engineers have been forced to rationalize the production processes in companies. These days, companies’ aim is to increase the productivity of information management.

It takes more than the invention of computers or access to the internet to work together more productive. Companies that have successfully digitized their processes also known as “the modern information factories” have connected their processes, systems and people without encountering media inconsistences. Any operations that are already taken over by algorithms and regulated systems become fully automated.

Digital strategies to optimize the cost structure and increase revenue

Our core business is to increase the productivity of information management through optimizing the collaboration between employees, departments, systems and institutions.

Digital solutions ...

  • reduce operating costs and process cycle times
  • increase scalability
  • accelerate the time-to-market
  • access new channels
  • improve employee efficiency and customer experience

"Automation helps in looking for solutions to avoid solving the same problem every day in a different way."

Dr. Georg Geyer, CEO Information Factory

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