Process Automation

Digital processing of business cases

To increase the efficiency in knowledge management we build connections between employees, departments, business divisions and companies without media discontinuity. Furthermore, we open new digital channels to clients.

Project definition

  • Working on business cases: from proposal to closure
  • Comprehensive dossiers per business case together with various attachments
  • Diverse professional departments within the organization are involved in an specific case
  • Additional systems are used as information sources


  • Meet process specifications, legal and compliance rules
  • Structuring of relevant information per case and providing digital access to all documents
  • High level of transparency regarding case status
  • Reduce operative costs and process times and improve quality
  • Accelerate the time-to-market
  • Monitoring of process management (SLA), full transparency and audit trail


  • Assistance functions for structuring and efficient capturing of relevant information
  • Workflow module for rule based forwarding of cases to the correct handling entities
  • Automated decisions, escalation processes, exception- and error handling
  • Controlling of capacity load

Contact channel

We always take the time for a personal conversation, simply tell us when and how:

Zurich office: +41 43 268 39 39

Nuremberg office: +49 911 580 588 0

Porto office: +351 221 450 560