System Integration

Building bridges instead of walls

The biggest innovation barriers are existing solution- and system landscapes, which have been created through growing business and compliance needs as well as mergers over numerous years. If these complex systems do not meet the new requirements anymore, they need to adapt to consistent and simple solutions.

An entire “restart” normally solves existing problems, which leads to companies not solving all the problems. As a result, you might think about a restart one more time.

Alternatively, you can learn to cope with increasing complexity and growing experience. But how do you innovate old-established IT-systems?

Complex systems are innovated by transparent integration, interfaces and workflow modules

Agile organisations do not build on universal and hierarchical master systems. They understand how to manage the achieved complexity - meaning multiple, heterogeneous, decentralised processes and solutions - effectively. The ones who entirely follow the simplification logic, the lean management and the cost optimisation, lose expertise and do not use their experience constructively.

Our service

According to our target to use knowledge wisely and organize effective processes within complex environments, we integrate and innovate existing solutions,  information- and system infrastructure.

Practical examples of use

  • Interface to core banking, CRM, market and employee information, DMS (FileNet), task/activity manager, legacy, email, messaging, eSignature solutions, data warehouse/reporting, analytical and cognitive systems
  • Integration, adaption and continuous extension of existing web-services and access-rights-solutions

Contact channel

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