Web Calculators 

Case study on Swiss online tax calculators 

Objective of the web calculators 

Web calculators give information providers the opportunity to specifically target customers and prospects who visit their website and provide them with important information. 

Swiss cantons provide tax calculators in their portal web applications that allow natural and legal taxpayers to perform preliminary calculations to determine their total state, local and federal tax burdens along with other types of taxes. 

Benefits of online services 

Taxpayers can see for themselves what their tax burden will be.

Concept of the web calculators

Web calculators can be used flexibly and independently and provided to all taxpayers via the Internet. An API can be used to fully integrate the tax calculators in the various canton portals (CMS) if required. 

Tax calculators can be used for: 

  • State, local and federal taxes for natural persons 
  • State, local and federal taxes for legal persons
  • Capital benefits from pensions 
  • Taxes on the profit from the sale of real estate
  • Inheritance and gift taxes 
  • Withholding taxes 
  • Other types of taxes if required

Our web calculators are used by the: 

Canton Thurgau
Canton Schwyz
Canton Tessin  
Canton Glarus
Canton Zürich 

Contact channel

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